We specialise in working with the individual dealing directly with them and their issues. Enabling them to perform more efficiently whatever they are doing.

Our approach deals with the causes of absence not just the symptoms.

We deal with the individual on a confidential basis which means we get to the root cause of a problem quicker and a plan can be actioned.

Our Consultants are professionally qualified  in person centred disciplines enable us to offer a bespoke service to our clients. Fitting us to our clients and not them to us.

Businessess are a collection of individuals and we address the individual.

We provide Employee assistance programs either in house or offsite to offer employees a confidential arena to express concerns without feeling compromised in the workplace.

We provide your employee a one to one consultation in complete confidence for them to identify their root cause for  absence .

Employees are inclined to be more open and frank with an independent consultant. This reduces the time an issue  takes to be identified and a recovery plan put into place.

 We then work with the employee to address the issues and assist them to move forward and return to making a full contribution to the company.


Victoria Starke- Stark Naked Foods  -  Bilateral Techniques are always on hand to offer us support and guidance with staff relation matters they provide an external perspective . It is great as a business owner to know I have a confidential sounding board .Absence in a small company has such a big impact , imagine 20% of your workforce off. it may only be one person but it has a big impact. Managing this quickly is vital to us as a company.

( Private Client name withheld for privacy) " My personal life had gotten into such a mess  I wasn't sleeping or eating properly , I could not face going to work. My supervisor was not sympathetic at all. After several warnings for absence I decided I needed to get some help. Bilateral Techniques helped me to seperate my problems , manage my life better allowing me to see that work had an important role to play in me sorting myself out. When I returned to work I was much more motivated , especially happy that no-one at work new the issues. When I first went back Bilateral Techniques  supported me and I could phone when I needed to . It was great knowing there was someone there if I needed them. I had to fund my own help , it would have been great if the company had paid I think I would have had help earlier and at the end of it  the company received the benefit as much as I did. "


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